Celebrate Life in Color!

While summer is here what better way to bask in the warmth than sporting a ray of sunshine yourself! I love this fashion spread put together by one of Polyvore’s contributors. It’s the perfect summary of what summer is all about!

Try pairing a bright yellow blazer or some show stopping flats with khakis and white lenin accents underneath. Life is always better in COLOR and yellow yells HAPPY!

Gold Miners Rescued!!!

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Rescuers saved 28 miners who were trapped underground for up to seven hours on Tuesday as smoke from a truck engine fire spread through the gold mine where they had been working.

The engine caught fire early Tuesday at the Trio mine in the North Island town of Waihi. Mine officials said the ventilation system pumped smoke through the mine and it could be seen coming out the vent shaft.

Initially, 28 men were trapped about 150 meters (500 feet) underground in safety chambers. After more than 5 hours, 13 men taking refuge in two safety chambers were rescued. After seven hours, the remaining men in a third chamber were also rescued.

‘‘Apparently they are all in good spirits and are raring to go home and have a sleep,’’ he said.

By:  NICK PERRY Associated Press  / July 17, 2012

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We hope everyone has a happy and healthy Fourth of July Celebration!

Enjoy the fireworks but remember to be safe. We all heard about the firework stand gone wrong when an electrical cord caused the entire booth to ignite into flames and a dangerously beautiful light show above it!

The VA. highway Route 30 was shut and left a lot of travelers unhappy! 


Remember To Smile …

It’s Friday, remember to wear your happy golden smiles today!

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