Gold Nano-Particles & Tea Curing Cancer???

A CBS News story reports a new study showing  gold nanoparticles, in combination with a compound found in tea, may treat prostate cancer better than chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy can treat different kinds of cancer, but typically carries toxic side effects. While it has been known to shrink tumors, chemo also destroys healthy areas as it passes through the body. But, University of Missouri researchers discovered that when small gold particles and a compound found in tea leaves were combined, they targeted prostate cancer tumors more directly.

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Your Nutritionista: 10 Things You Can Do Right Now for Your Health

  1. Stop being all or nothing about working out. Just give yourself 20 minutes to kick some booty and you’re done! If you need to, set a timer and just MOVE for 15-20 solid minutes. It can be enough.
  2. Banish sweetened drinks from your vocabulary. I don’t care if it’s “100%” juice or a “healthy” smoothie. Not. Worth. It.
  3. Crave sugar? Eat (unprocessed) fat. Something higher in fat and lower in sugar, like 70%+ dark chocolate or berries and cream can hit the spot without a sugar overload.
  4. Go for a walk! Walking is probably the most underrated form of exercise there is, and you can do it almost any time, anywhere, with anyone.
  5. Make a recipe file. Next time you have 10 minutes and a printer, find at least 5-8 recipes that look good. Print them out and keep them so when you don’t know what to cook, you’ll have a go-to file.
  6. Make a workout file. Do the same thing for workouts: print out fun-looking workouts you find online, and cut out good ones from magazines. Next time you don’t know what to do at the gym, pick one at random.
  7. Vow to ignore health claims on food packages. They’re totally pointless and can lead you to eat some pretty disgusting food. Remember the “Smart Choices” program?
  8. Don’t let cooking intimidate you. Believe it or not, I just started cooking 4 or 5 years ago. I used to be super intimidated by it. Guess what? Food is a lot harder to screw up than you think! And don’t be afraid to fail once or twice.
  9. Stop relying on the scale as your only metric of health. Imagine if we only relied on one data point for ANYTHING else in our lives!
  10. Don’t let food become guilt-inducing or “guilt-free.” In the words of the immortal ieatbutter: “Food itself does not have guilt—we assign it guilt because of something we feel about ourselves.”

Helpful advice from a tumblr I follow called Nutritionista.  If you’re looking to get back on the “healthy” bandwagon, my advise is to not set the bar so high.  I keep my figure with manageable diet and exercise.

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