What are Olympic Medals Made of You Ask?

Did you know Olympic Gold medals are not really made of gold?

You’re absolutely hearing me correctly! Actually, they’re not even composed of all silver! Just a hint of gold is mixed in and a thin layer covers the surface of the iconic medallion that is valued at a mere $640. 

With today’s price of the precious metal, a gold medal crafted entirely of gold would run the Olympic Committee a hefty price tag of about $20,000 a pop!

In fact, the gold medal is comprised of 92.5% silver, just 1.34%  (or six grams of gold) and the rest is made of copper.

Funny Fact # 2: 97% of the bronze medal is also made of copper!

Just incase you didn’t catch all of that: the gold medal is silver, the silver medal is silver and the bronze medal is copper

Post extracted, the silver, copper and tiny smidges gold are shipped off to be pressed into their familiar circular shape to the standards of the committee.

Ironic how Olympians train their entire lives to obtain a piece of oh so precious [semi-precious] metal that was once mined from such humble beginnings. However, ask an Olympian and they’ll tell you it is priceless!

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Homeless Texas Man Finds $77,000 in GOLD COINS & Gets to Keep It!!!

This lucky man found 70 $100 bills and 40 collectible Krugerrand gold coins from South Africa inside of a bag he stumbled upon near the river where he washes his feet … and he gets a fresh start at life right along with it! AMAZING!! Just so you know this is what the coins look like!


A Texas city council ruled this week that a homeless man who found $77,000 worth of gold collectible coins and $100 bills in a river could keep his treasure.

Bastrop City Council voted 6-0 Tuesday night that the money Timothy Yost found while washing his feet in the Colorado River Jan. 18 belonged to him. The city has had possession of the money since that time.

“It was a considerable sum of money, and we anticipated it would draw a fair amount of attention,” Bastrop Mayor Terry Orr said. “The city could have kept the money, because no one came forward to claim it, but we elected not to do that. It’s clearly Mr. Yost’s.”

Yost, 46, said he was close to Fisherman’s Park when he found the money in a bag. He told police he’d kicked it, and the bag made a weird sound. When he opened it up, he found 70 $100 bills and 40 Krugerrand gold coins from South Africa inside.

According to Orr, Yost took his findings to a nearby First National Bank and tried to exchange the wet money for dry. The bank told Yost he couldn’t exchange the money, and he left. The teller then called the police.

“It is a great day for Bastrop; it is a great day for Mr. Yost,” Peacock told the Austin American Statesman.

“We and all council members hope this will give this man the opportunity of a lifetime,” Orr said. “Not many people have that opportunity to turn their life around. We offer our best wishes to Mr. Yost and good luck to him.”

— ABC News (read full story on their website)

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