Why 'retirees' are still working ... and another reason why you should become a GBG!

More baby boomers are becoming entrepreneurs, out of necessity or as a source of side income. Here are 3 success stories - MSN news

Gold Buying Girl is the perfect post-retirement career opportunity for you if you are still motivated to make money and enjoy working with differnt people. We have several extremely succussful retirees that have gotten back to work and are earning an income through us!

On this blog I'm going to share all of my secrets for gold and life!

For the last several years, I've been helping women earn the extra money they're looking for. Right now, the price of gold is up so we can all benefit from selling old gold and throwing a party for our friends to make money too.

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None of us could believe how much money we made from a little pile of mismatched and broken gold jewelry! Oh, and the extra 10% I made for having the party was just icing on the cake!